Primary Care Services - Mullica Hill Medical & Wellness


Our board-certified doctors and medical professionals offer personalized primary care for patients of all ages and gender. We allow walk-ins for urgent conditions and generally have next-day appointments available. We have convenient timings and are in-network with most insurances.

We provide primary care, urgent care, family practice, geriatric care, preventative medicine, and wellness services. We try to manage most of your medical conditions and will refer you to specialists as appropriate. With our collective knowledge and specialized diagnostic procedures, we aim to quickly and accurately identify the problem and deliver the appropriate treatment.

We offer preventative care, regular physical exams and health screenings combined with education and promotion of good wellness practices. This helps our patients maintain a healthy lifestyle and catch problems early.

At Mullica Hill Medical & Wellness, we believe in compassionate and thorough care, and we'll go the extra mile to care for your needs. We want to be your 'wellness home' and build a lasting relationship with you and your family for all your medical needs.

Family Practice


Family practice combines various services with the aim of providing comprehensive, high-quality care for your entire family, from infants to seniors. Our doctors and medical professionals bring varied experience to cover all expected conditions. With continuity of care for your whole family, we can be your 'medical and wellness home.'  

Urgent Care / Same Day Walk-in


Urgent care responds to an illness or injury that requires immediate medical attention. At Mullica Hill Medical and Wellness, we provide Urgent care and allocate slots for same-day walk-ins to ensure that our patients receive timely and appropriate treatment.

Ancillary Care


At Mullica Hill Medical & Wellness, we offer ancillary services to provide additional care and support for our patients. To add to your convenience and to ensure that you get complete care 'under one roof', we handle laboratory work, radiology tests, physical therapy, and pharmaceuticals.

Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation


Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation is a medical assessment to evaluate a person's metabolism. It is a valuable tool for diagnosing and treating metabolic disorders and identifying ongoing treatment problems.

Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy


Allergy testing is an important tool in identifying substances or activities which might trigger allergic reaction in your body. It can be done by an allergist/immunologist, or in some cases, by a primary care physician.

Immunotherapy is the preventive treatment for allergic reactions to substances such as bee venom, grass pollen, and house dust mites. This process involves giving gradual doses of the allergen to the patients in increasing amounts.

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