Family Practice


Family practice combines various services with the aim of providing comprehensive, high-quality care for your entire family, from infants to seniors. Our doctors and medical professionals bring varied experience to cover all expected conditions. With continuity of care for your whole family, we can be your 'medical and wellness home.'  


Having a trusted family practice physician who thoroughly knows your family history is always a good idea. Our family practitioners at Mullica Hill Medical and Wellness could provide reliable and comfortable care for your family, whether you are suffering from an ailment or just looking for medical advice.

A trusted healthcare guide for your family: Don't worry about evaluating a new provider every time there is any issue in your family. With a trusted health advisor and doctor for your family, you can always reach out worry-free and maintain long-term health. 

A better understanding of family medical history: Through frequent meetings over time, the family doctor will gain detailed knowledge and experience of your family's medical history, leading to the best-tailored treatment plans.

Better patient-physician relationship: Patients usually develop a close relationship with their family practitioners over time. Having such a relationship will help the doctors better understand the patient's lifestyle. This will help them conduct a deeper diagnosis, as they can look into contributing social and environmental factors.


Our Approach


At Mullica Hill Medical and Wellness, our family practitioners provide our patients with comprehensive medical care, which begins with a thorough and thoughtful evaluation of the patient's symptoms, history, and lifestyle. 

Our family practitioners provide the following:

  • Preventive care, diagnostic services, and treatment for acute and chronic illnesses
  • Management of complex medical problems
  • Guidance on healthy lifestyle choices and disease prevention
  • Health education and counseling services

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