Medically Supervised Weight Loss

Our Centers for Medical Weight-loss and Metabolic Control / Balance are in Mullica Hill and Vineland. If you are UNABLE TO LOSE THOSE EXTRA POUNDS, THEN LOOK NO FURTHER FOR HELP. Our Physician Supervised Weight-loss programs are customized to each individual patient. We offer three programs for rapid weight loss.

We offer the HCG diet which is a Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) accompanied by either injections or sublingual medication which seeks the body’s stored fat deposits and breaks them down allowing their nutritive content to enter the blood stream which gives the body energy. 2000-3500 calories per day from stored stubborn fat deposits are released allowing the body to burn these calories for energy and allowing significant weight loss.

We offer a MD Weight loss program – This is a high Protein and low Carbohydrate program based on 1200-1500 calories per day. Appetite Suppressants (if approved by the Physician) and weekly B12 and Fat Burning injections are also incorporated into this plan.

We offer a long-term Therapeutic Lifestyle Program. A therapeutic lifestyle program means that you are changing the way that you are living your daily lifestyle to enhance your health. It will help you change your bad habits to good ones, chronic aches and pains to less frequent ones. Who doesn’t want to live a healthy, illness-free life. It incorporates stress management and exercise to complete this wellness program.

All plans include visits with the nutritionists/nutritional-counselors for scheduled times based on the program which you are in. Research shows that teaming with medical professionals produces greater, longer-lasting results.