Adolescent Weight Loss


An adolescent weight loss program treats abnormal weight gain in teenagers and preteens. Due to some differences in physiology and expected weight gain during teenage years, we follow a process that's somewhat different from adult weight loss.

If the weight gained by an adolescent exceeds the usual pattern, it can lead to health risks. In these cases, it's advisable to take medical advice from experienced medical professionals. A personalized plan is almost necessary for sustainable weight loss while maintaining a busy and active routine as a teenager or preteen. 


Causes of Adolescent Weight Gain


Some of the factors that cause adolescent weight gain are:

  • Overindulgence in high-calorie snacks and junk food
  • The attitude of parents toward food
  • Use of food by parents and guardians as punishment or reward for changing behavior
  • Lack of exercise and sports activities
  • Heredity

Did You Know?


  • Childhood obesity is one of the most severe problems in the US and puts the health of adolescents and children at risk.
  • Every 1 out of 5 American children is obese.
  • Survey reports also suggest that 16.2% of US youth between the ages of 10 to 17 are struggling with obesity.

Our Approach


The goal of our health experts while treating weight gain in adolescents is to allow them to grow taller while maintaining their weight at the same time. Weight loss treatments might be recommended for adolescents who are obese and exceed the healthy weight range.

Our teenage weight loss plan involves diet, exercise planning, and medication if required.


Diet planning

  • A sufficient amount of calorie intake is recommended by doctors to help teens maintain their energy levels.
  • The calories recommended in their diet depend on age, activity level, and gender.
  • High-fat foods, sodas, chips, and other junk food are reduced.
  • More fruits and vegetables are recommended in the diet plan.



  • Orlistat: This is a long-term obesity management medicine prescribed by doctors as and when required to teens 12 years or older.
  • Phentermine is a short-term obesity management medicine prescribed by doctors as and when required to individuals below 16 years of age.



  • Surgeries are recommended for adolescents in extreme cases.
  • An operation for making the stomach smaller can help teens struggling with extreme obesity who have not been able to lose weight effectively in other ways.

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