Injectable Vitamin Treatments


Vitamins are essential micronutrients in the human body, needed in relatively small amounts. They help serve innumerable bodily functions, including immunity, healing, cellular repair, and energy production.

Injectable vitamins are intramuscular injections that deliver amino acids and vitamins to the muscles. They increase the efficiency of vital nutrient absorption.


Why Do You Need Injectable Vitamins?


Sometimes, all the vitamins that are ingested through our dietary and food supplements do not reach their end destination. Ideally, when a person ingests vitamins through his or her diet, it should go through the digestive tract and get absorbed into the bloodstream.

However, some of the vitamins don’t get absorbed efficiently due to the following factors:

  • Biological factors
  • Health history
  • The time of food ingestion
  • The amount and type of food ingested in one meal

Also, at times, depending on how the food is made, important vitamins get lost in the food. This is also dependent on whether the vitamins are water-soluble or fat-soluble. Therefore, injectable vitamins or IV nutrition is required to ensure that instead of losing 10 to 90% in the ingestion process, the body receives 100% of the vitamins through injection. Vitamins could be injected into our body just like other injections.

The idea behind injecting vitamins is to skip over the process of digestion. Instead of losing part of the vitamins to the digestive enzymes and taking time to slowly move through different cells and then reach the bloodstream, here, the bloodstream is directly targeted. Due to this reason, the method is considered to be fast and effective.


Our Approach


  • The vitamin injections are administered by our medical professionals.
  • Usually, people having vitamin digestion and absorption issues may require vitamin infusions.
  • Once the vitamins are injected, patients will keep having recurring visits with the doctor, as they will track progress and monitor the results.
  • We also provide IV vitamin therapy, where a combination of vitamins and minerals are selected carefully by the doctor in order to bring out certain results in targeted areas. For instance, in regenerative therapy, the doctors use a combination of Vitamin C, B-complex, chromium, magnesium, zinc, copper, and selenium.

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