Nutrition Counseling


Nutrition counseling needs to be a collective effort by the medical professional and the patient to evaluate the existing healthy nutritional habits, and plan and execute a better health regimen.

Nutritional counseling for weight loss is a therapeutic approach that involves identifying the dietary problems of the patient, their goals and needs, and a sustainable plan to meet those goals, with continuous monitoring and intervention to achieve the right results.


Why is Nutritional Counseling Important?


Nutritional therapy forms an integral part of our weight loss treatment plan for patients to help them lead better and healthier lifestyles. Getting to know about proper nutrition can make a lot of difference to help a patient improve their fatigue issues, mood swings and medical conditions like high blood pressure. Nutritional counseling can be beneficial for people of all ages.

Nutritional Counseling can help in:

  • Managing chronic conditions
  • Losing weight
  • Improving fitness
  • Improving overall wellness

Our Approach


Our process of medical nutrition therapy for weight loss occurs in four steps:


Nutrition Assessment

  • This is a systematic approach for collecting, classifying, and synthesizing relevant and important data in order to identify the causes and problems that are nutrition related.
  • After the initial data collection, our health experts reassess the gathered patient data in comparison to the previous collected data. There might be a need for further diagnostic procedures.


Nutrition Diagnosis

  • Our dietetics and nutrition practitioners identify the existing nutrition-related problems that should be treated.


Nutrition Intervention

  • This is the third step which is planned purposefully with the intention of changing the nutritional habits of the patient.
  • Here, the risk factors, nutrition-related behavior, and environmental conditions of the patient are changed to help them improve or resolve the identified nutrition problems.
  • Nutrition intervention is tailored and selected according to the client's needs by implementing and planning the appropriate interventions.


Nutrition Evaluation and Monitoring

  • Our health practitioners continuously monitor and evaluate the adherence to, and the outcome of, the diagnosis and the nutrition intervention plans.

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