Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation


Comprehensive Metabolic Evaluation (CME) is a medical assessment to evaluate a person's metabolism. It is a valuable tool for diagnosing and treating metabolic disorders and identifying ongoing treatment problems.


Our Approach


At Mullica Hill Medical & Wellness, we conduct physical examinations, urine and blood tests, EKGs, body composition analysis, and other special tests.

The blood test helps measure insulin, glucose, thyroid function, and lipid levels. The urine test helps doctors understand electrolyte levels and kidney functioning. The doctor might also recommend a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP), depending on the diagnosis.

What is a Comprehensive Metabolic Panel?


A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP) involves a series of fourteen blood tests, which helps provide the doctor with a snapshot of a patient’s body chemistry. The results of the tests help doctors gain important information regarding the chemical balance and metabolism of the patient’s body, enabling them to make diagnoses and develop treatment plans.

A Comprehensive Metabolic Panel or CMP measures substances like glucose, calcium, protein, bilirubin, and albumin in the body.


When is CMP Required?


A CMP or Comprehensive Metabolic Panel is required when: 

  • The patient experiences liver, kidney, or metabolism-related issues.
  • The patient experiences general symptoms like fatigue. 
  • The patient's initial tests reported abnormality.
  • The patient is undergoing a medical condition treatment. 
  • The patient is starting a new medication that could affect liver or kidney functions.

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